Image00013We understand how stressful surgical procedures can be for pet owners. That is why we take every possible precaution to keep our patients safe under anesthesia. We use only the safest anesthetic drugs and closely monitor your babies from the start of their procedure until they have reached full recovery.

  • Prior to their surgery day, we run a complete blood profile to ensure there are no underlying conditions that could cause complications.
  • Intravenous catheters are placed in all surgical patients so that we can easily administer injectable medications and anesthetics.
  • Warmed IV fluids are given intravenously during and after the surgical procedure to help regulate blood pressure and aid in a quicker anesthetic recovery.
  • While your pet is under anesthesia, a surgical technician uses state-of-the-art equipment to monitor blood pressure, oxygen levels, EKG, body temperature, CO2 levels.
  • When your pet is waking up from anesthesia, they will be kept under heated air blankets and closely monitored by their surgical tech. They will remain on IV fluids until right before you pick up.